Invoice Finance

Import Sales Ledger into Invoice Finance Systems

Companies that use invoice finance companies have to transfer invoice details to their finance supplier. Ideally this is done by data transfer, but this is only possible if the existing invoice system can generate a .csv file in the appropriate format.

For many companies they are required to manually re-key their sales invoices into a web interface. The web interface then transfers the sales ledger invoices to the credit factorer.

AutoCapture for Sales Ledger offers a complete outsourced solution to this problem.

How does it work?

Invoice Finance


1. Scan and send us your invoices

2. We securely process your invoices

We capture and digitise the data from your printed invoices. We achieve this through bulk processing with specialised technology. Our service is confidential and we operate in a secure environment.

We deliver industry leading accuracy by using:

We assemble the data into a .csv spreadsheet formatted to enable import into your supplier's invoice finance system:

3. We deliver the .csv file for you to import

The data captured from your printed invoices is assembled into a single spread sheet .csv file: