Invoice Data Capture Service for Sales Invoices

Import Sales Ledger Invoices

When companies start to use systems such as Sage 50 for their accounting, they quite often already have well established routines and systems for creating sales invoices. It is not always appropriate to change their system in order to utilise Sage’s invoice tools and templates. If this is the case, you still need to move your invoices into Sage in order to keep a complete financial record.

Import Sales Ledger into Invoice Finance Systems

Companies that use credit factoring companies have to transfer invoice details to their finance supplier. Ideally this is done by data transfer. However, for many companies they are required to manually re-key their sales invoices into a web interface. The web interface then transfers the sales ledger invoices to the credit factorer.

AutoCapture for Sales Invoices offers a complete outsourced solution to both of these problems.

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