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 Purchase Invoices

Automated Data Capture for Purchase Invoices

Sage Line 50 and Sage Instant Accounts have the functionality to import purchase invoices. However, this is only possible when the data is available electronically. If your suppliers submit paper invoices, you will have to manually key the invoices into Sage. This is a time consuming task, especially when invoices are submitted with multiple line items.

AutoCapture provides a solution to this problem by automating the capture of supplier invoices and providing a csv file for import into Sage. AutoCapture for Purchase Invoices offers a completely outsourced solution to the problem. You send us your invoices and we capture the data and return a file ready to import into Sage. Users do not need to purchase invoice capture software and to acquire the staff and skills to operate the system.

Just send us your invoices and we will capture the data for you.

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