How AutoCapture Works

How AutoCapture Works

AutoCapture delivers industry leading accuracy which enables Automation for Accounts. Here’s how the AutoCapture service works.

To import files into major account packages a file has to be created which consists of specific data fields. Some of these fields appear on the invoice and are captured using OCR.

Other data fields are necessary which do not appear on the invoice. These fields may include nominal codes, tax codes, customer references, project codes plus other items. AutoCapture is able to import these necessary fields from a customer/supplier listing which is easily downloaded from your accounts package.

Liaise with us to export the customer/supplier information from your accounts package. We can help you export the required data fields.

1. Send us your printed invoices

2. We securely process your invoices

We capture and digitise the data from your printed invoices. We achieve this through bulk processing with specialised technology. Our service is confidential and we operate in a secure environment.

We deliver industry leading accuracy by using:

We assemble the data into a .csv spreadsheet formatted to enable import into your accounts package:

3. We deliver the .csv file for you to import

The data captured from your printed invoices is assembled into a single spread sheet .csv file: