Why automate Invoice Data Capture?

How you can use an Invoice Data Capture Service

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of invoices may arrive in your accounts department. Whether arriving by post or email, someone has to manually process the invoice information into your accounts package. Autocapture provides an alternative.


The consequential losses of manual processing

Besides these top-level inefficiencies there are a number of consequential losses that may result from manually processing invoices.

Automate to save costs

Technology-enabled automation is a well established way of bringing greater efficiency to labour intensive and time consuming business processes. The AutoCapture Invoice Data Capture Service requires no changes to internal invoice authorisation processes, it simply automates the the import of invoice data.

Outsource to AutoCapture

Outsourcing to AutoCapture offers a much easier, low risk alternative. It’s simple, you send your invoices to us and we deliver ready-for-import .csv spreadsheet file. We will map the invoice details to the requirements of your accounting package.

There’s no investment cost for technology purchase, support and maintenance. There’s no training requirement or headcount increase.