AutoCapture for Accountants

Invoice Data Capture for Accountants

Many smaller businesses outsource accountancy services.

One element of such services is data entry into accounts systems, including sales and purchase invoices. This bookkeeping task is a pre-requisite to providing annual accounts and ongoing management reports. AutoCapture provides a cost effective automated solution to data entry.

The busier an accounting practice, the more value AutoCapture can offer. It automates what is normally a time consuming but essential manual task and allows the practice to scale up by removing a bottleneck.

The efficiency of AutoCapture allows you to deliver accounts more cost effectively and speedily.

Integrates with your Accounting System

AutoCapture delivers a single .csv file with all the invoice data correctly mapped to the right columns, ready for importing into your accounting package. This can include any data field required by your accounting system.

Using either the data import tools of the accounts system or specialist third party tools. You can import purchase invoices as an audit file transaction into Sage Line 50. You can also import sales ledger data as invoices into Sage Line 50.