Invoice Data Capture Service

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The three step process:

Invoices - Secure Processing - CSV

AutoCapture transforms the efficiency of accounting packages used to manage the accounts payable and receivable functions by finance departments, accountants and bookkeepers.

Invoice Data Capture Service

Item Level invoice data capture. AutoCapture converts paper invoices to invoice data files to import to accounts systems.
Despite the "paperless office" most invoices are printed on paper and mailed. This propagates the issues of paper handling, photo-copying and manual data entry into accounts systems.

AutoCapture provides a cost effective alternative. We offer a service of invoice scanning and data capture. Invoices can be sent to us and we use state of the art optical character recognition technology to capture the data and produce files which will seamlessly import to accounts packages.

AutoCapture is an Invoice Data Capture Service

AutoCapture outsourced invoice data capture service offers a combination of highly-trained staff and various recognition technologies to capture invoice data at the line-item level. Our approach delivers the highest possible accuracy rates, eliminating the need to manually re-key data while accelerating overall turnaround time leading to improved management information and financial performance.
No software purchase are required, no training of staff. Your costs are aligned to the volume of documents processed.

1. Send us your Purchase Invoices or Sales Invoices.

The accounts payable invoices can be scanned and sent to AutoCapture via secure file transfer protocol. Accounts payable or accounts receivable invoices can be scanned in any common image format. AutoCapture will download the invoices on to are character recognition platform.

2. Our Invoice Data Capture Service securely process your invoices

We capture and digitise the data from your accounts payable invoices. We achieve this through bulk processing with specialised technology in a secure environment. The information which does not exist on the invoice is than loaded into each record from your accounts package.

3. We deliver the .csv file for you to import

The invoice data captured from your printed accounts payable invoices is assembled into a single spreadsheet .csv file and delivered to you. You simply use the standard import routines or a specialist import utility to upload the .csv data into your accounts package.

4. Item Level Invoice Data Capture Service

AutoCapture does not just capture the headline details of an invoice like many software products.
AutoCapture captures invoices at line item level. This means that when imported into Sage, a whole new world of reporting possibilities are opened up using Sage Report Designer.
No need to archive and find the original invoice to understand the cost of separate items.
If there are items on the same invoice that require different nominal codes these can be added and correctly recorded in Sage.
Users can print off management reports that detail exact costs of items over time. Allowing you to fully understand and control your purchases.
AutoCapture is an Invoice Data Capture Service, there is no software or hardware to purchase, maintain and train staff for. You simply send us the invoices and we capture the data and send back an importable file for your Sage system.